Top 5 mistakes…

Here are some of the top 5 mistakes Office Managers make when taking on a new cleaning Company.

  1. Most times, the Office Manager fails to get an articulate quote; I completely understand why this could be the case – Office Managers are always being pushed to keep to a minimum budget.  When the prospective Cleaning company sends in a quote, they often send in the price to clean every week, without articulating what exactly will be done every visit.  Solution; Next time you get a cleaning quote, make sure the cleaning quotation lists out what exactly gets done every visit.
  2. Another mistake made by most offices when getting a cleaning quote is that they fail to check the abn or the acn of the cleaning company; Again, most people are very busy, and who honestly has time to check the abn let alone the acn of a prospective cleaning company.  It is within your interests to ensure you check the abn to ensure the cleaner has one and it is registered in his/her name, same goes for a company.  If the cleaner does not have legitimate acn or abn, their are Taxation penalties that you may be up for – the sub-contractor is seen as your employee, therefore, this could pose more work for you and the office accounts department.  you can go to abn or acn lookup ( all of the above.  Don’t get caught out, this could cost you and your office $1000’s or more  in the long run!
  3. The third mistake most offices make when taking on a new cleaner is that they forget to check their Public Liability Insurance details;  This again is a very very common mistake due to all of the reasons above and also because most times, most Office Managers don’t even ask to see the Insurance details or even think to ask.  All professionals will volunteer their public liability insurance details from the get-go.  Solution; ensure you get the policy, and ensure that their details and the policy details match exactly, don’t forget to check their license details – which brings me to mistake number four.
  4. The fourth most simple and un-explainable mistake 89% of the Offices make is that they forget to see and take a photocopy of the cleaners i.d. (this is different from the acn, or abn).  You need to be careful as to who is coming into your office, there are alot of unsavoury people in all walks of life and the cleaning industry is rife with them! especially if you have sensitive documents lying around and on desks.  Check all cleaners i.d. and ask to see if they have any Australia and NSW wide police checks.  In this day and age, with security threats coming at us left right and center, it is very very important you know and can verify who exactly and where exactly does this cleaner live that will be  coming into your office.
  5. The fifth mistake the Office makes is it – fails to check the references of the cleaner; This may not be your problem, or the first thing you do, but, as I told you, I have been in the cleaning game for close to 20 years, and always, always put this in my top 5 mistakes.  It’s very easy to make this mistake, you may have busily done all of the above, or you may have skipped all of the above and due to business demands, lack of time, workload burdens etc, etc, skipped this last and very important tell tale sign (references are key!) of the trustworthiness, quality of work and reliability of the cleaner.  References reveal so much about your prospective cleaner.  They tell you how long the cleaner has serviced the client (the longer the better), the level of cleaning service they have delivered and the reliability of the continued service, or will  nominate the back-up cleaner, who steps in, if the cleaner is sick, on holiday etc, etc.  Good cleaning companies will always train a back-up cleaner to deliver good service whilst the usual cleaner is away, or is ill, or organize another day of cleaning if the cleaner was simply sick.

I trust this will help you in your quest to find the best cleaning services business for your office cleaning needs.

Good luck!


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