How to clean mold…

My top tips on how to clean mold using natural products;

1. Ensure there is adequate natural ventilation in the Bathroom; No matter how much you may clean your bathroom – there always seems to be an ongoing recurrence of mold.  Here are some ways to minimize and also effectively handle mold in your bathroom.  Install a good ventilation fan in the bathroom which gets rid of  steam and moisture.   Additionally, Train your family on opening a window when using the bathroom, this prevents the build up of mold, and keeps the bathroom cleaner and mold free longer

Pick the natural products over chemical bleaches;When trying to get rid of mold there are a lot of products in the big stores, which promote, “get rid of bleach fast”, unfortunately these products contain bleach, which is really unhealthy for the cleaner to breathe in, and also toxic for small children, animals and also adults that use the bathroom after it has been cleaned.  There are a lot of natural bathroom cleaners in the store which contain vinegar and baking soda and no toxic bleaches – buy these products, they are the best.  You will usually find them under “Natural cleaning solutions”.  Read the label and ensure there is no contaminants like bleach, peroxide etc in the solution.

Make your own mold cleaner;  If you are on a budget, its very easy to make your own mold cleaner.  Buy white vinegar For the cost of 2.99 for 2 litre bottle (I recommend home brand items), buy a spray bottle, or re-use one of your un-used spray bottles (make sure you rinse it out, so there is no toxic chemical left in the bottle).  Mix one part water to one part vinegar.  The acetic acid in the vinegar acts as a mold inhibitor and kills the mold spores on contact.  This will usually make 4 litre’s of cleaning solution (for the cost of $2.99 compared to buying bleach, this is a fantastic saving for the family!! and excellent for families on a budget).

Don’t like the smell of vinegar?  No problem, I love to add some good quality essential oil, like eucalyptus oil, or lavender oil, lemon myrtle oil, or any other essential oil for that matter!  Simply add 2 – 4 drops in your spray bottle, and it leaves a delightful fragrance which does a lot to freshen up the smell of the bathroom, as well as get rid of mold.  Prices vary, ensure you go to a health food store which bulk-buys – this way you won’t pay more than you should.

Is it safe to use this spray for other household areas?  Absolutely!  feel free to use it on most surfaces.  However – please spray a test patch first, and then you can see if its helping or hindering the process of cleaning.  Some marble cannot handle this solution, which is why you absolutely must do a “test patch”first.

Please note: this household cleaning spray is not designed to clean glass, leather and suede.

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